Therapy vs. Coaching 

I offer both therapy & coaching sessions. All therapy clients are seen in my private office in Cardiff. A therapeutic approach is, simply put, a more in depth look into your past history. This means, generally, that you're interested in digging deeper into the origin of why you do the things you do. 

All coaching sessions can be conducted in office, over the phone or via Skype. A coaching approach deals more with what is happening in the "now." Meaning, you're interested in focusing on changing current behaviors to get different results. The coaching process involves focusing on current goals and discovering how to accomplish them.

Business Coaching

I provide business coaching sessions for anyone interested in learning more about or starting their own therapy or coaching business. I will tell it to you straight and offer you all of the skills that I've acquired through the ten years that I have created my own business. 

Regardless of what path you choose, my overall purpose is to support you. Both of the above approaches are geared toward individuals seeking creative problem solving, innovation and self growth and truth. 

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     Office Address: 2047 San Elijo Ave/ Cardiff/ CA 92007