"Not all who wander are lost." - J.R.R Tolkien

                                                                                   "Not all who wander are lost." - J.R.R Tolkien

Nobody has it ALL figured out. That's not the point of life. Having everything figured out would  take away the opportunity for adventure, growth and learning, among other things.  A large part of the experience of life is the adventure. Some would say that it's all about the adventure. I will let you decide what you think.

One definition of the term "adventure" is "to proceed despite risks." An adventure is exciting because what lies ahead is unknown, which means anything can happen and countless possibilities exist. It's so often that we become frozen in the "what if's" or "risks" of the scary things that could happen if we let go. This causes us to stay in the safe zone. The reality is that nothing new and cool can ever truly come about if you don't take some sort of healthy risk and put yourself out there. Staying in the safe zone might be cozy, but it won't lead to mind blowing ventures and opportunity.

What I will say is that people who are down for an adventure and willing to explore the unknown are the people who interesting things are happening to and for. You can limit yourself when you live in a strict world of how you think things should go. The key is to let go and be open to what comes your way.

Consider that wandering and being curious are tools that can lead you to growth and new opportunity. You already know what the known looks like. Are you willing to get curious about what else is out there for you?



* The above picture was taken in Glamis California among the sand dunes. I thought it was beyond fitting for this blog post.