What's Your Vibe?

Do you like yourself? Can you answer that question with confidence? Do you know how you feel about you? What's your predominant vibe that you carry around with you on the daily? There is no “right” answer here, just your answer. However, it can be to your advantage to get clear on how you view and think about your own self and life. 

I believe that one of the most important choices you can make in your life is to be your own best friend. Meaning, having the outmost respect, gentleness, regard, love and thoughtfulness for your own self. Basically, treating yourself as the most important person in your life. 


Well, everything begins and ends with you. YOU are the core of your own life. Your relationship with yourself is the one thing that you are always in constant control of.  It’s also the one aspect of you that effects everything and everyone you come into contact with. How you feel about you plus how you exude that essence equals your vibe. How you feel about you is directly reflected with how you interact with the world. It’s directly connected to the results that you get in your life. It's also reflected in who you attract into your life. You will always attract where you're at.  If you think little of yourself, you will not be achieving stellar results in your life or attracting fabulously interesting and fruitful relationships. It just doesn’t match up.

It's common to get caught up in what something or someone appears to be from a glance or screenshot. Some people can look to have it all from the outside. You may “look” to have it all externally, but if you don’t feel good about the internal stuff, who you are as a person, the image you have created around you is just a flimsy cover. It's a surface image that is not solid and will eventually break down.

The concept of balance is always a great grounding force to check in with when your doing inner work. If your external and internal self are not balanced, meaning that they don’t match, then you are living in a way that, ultimately, will lead to difficulties. When the internal and external parts of you match, this creates congruency in your life. When things are congruent, they can flow with more ease and consistency.

I’ve yet to meet someone that thinks very little of them self and has kick ass relationships and results in their life. It’s just not possible based on having little or no self respect. What I have observed are individuals who are thriving in their life because they consistently make decisions based on honoring their truth. Consequently, when you are being honorable to you, the effects spider web to everything and everyone that you are connected too. It becomes a huge part of the energy that you carry with you on a daily basis: your vibe. When you walk into a room, join a party, sit down at a work meeting or join a group of people in an elevator, you're exuding your energy to the world. People feel it.

Here's the good news: You get to pick what kind of presence you give off when you walk into a room. You get to decide how you think about yourself. When this awareness clicks, if it has not already, it can really change the way you see yourself and your life. It can help you to start owning your choices. It can be really fun to realize that you have full creative control over one thing that really matters: how you feel about your own life experience.

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* The above image was taken by Amy Lynn Bjornson, San Diego Photographer.