There is Always Hope......

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in feeling hopeless when everything around you feels confusing, unclear, weird, uncomfortable....need I say more? When you’re feeling down it’s usually more difficult to have an optimistic perspective because you’re seeing the world through some tainted lenses. An important truth to remember when your in a dreary space is that “there is always hope.”

Believing this truth can literally change the ways things evolve around you. Your life and the outcomes of events that fall around you have a lot to do with the energy that you are putting toward them. This can be a heavy load to process, but it’s scientifically proven. Your energy that is expelled in the form of thought is a real and measured frequency. It exists. 

The reason to point this out is to help you remember that your perspective of how you look at the world and the things that happen to you will match your outcome.  Feeding yourself positive perspectives like, “there is always hope” or “things work out a certain way for a reason” are ways of thinking that just help. They help make a difficult situation bearable. Even if they don’t help much, they can’t hurt you. What can hurt you is not believing that there is hopefulness or good things to come. That is a real danger zone. "Do Not Enter" if you want to feel good.

I remember when I got the “AH-HA moment” that my perspective is really just a choice. When I was searching for meaning from the outside of whether a situation was hopeful or hopeless, that was a huge trap. Whatever I saw in the moment could validate either position, so I was all over the place. With every moment that went by, my mood was based on what was going on externally around me. One moment I was positive, then negative, up and down all day long depending on what scene I was onlooking in life. What a mess. Not productive and not fun.

The choice to think positively, generally, is a viewpoint that you choose to take on because you believe that by taking that way of thinking “on” your life, experiences and outcomes will be better for it. That’s it. That’s all you need to be clear on. It’s not that you will ever know how things are going to pan out for you. It’s that you BELIEVE that thinking with hope and optimism will lead you closer to what it is that you desire. Period. 

Believe in hope. Believe that there is more good than bad. Believe that the truth can and will prevail. When you have these deep hearted beliefs, they find a way to play out and present themselves in your life. Just believe, wait and watch.


* The above image is graffiti art by the street artist Banksy. Location is unknown.