As a therapist I bring a creative & intuitive twist to therapy. I’m a great fit for a person who is drawn toward a non conventional approach toward traditional therapy. I value creating a warm and non intimidating environment. Although I value my education and clinical background, I see my job as an artistic one rather than a clinical one. 

My job as a therapist is to point out your unique perspectives and "stories" that are dictating the choices that you make in your life. We all operate based on our belief systems, which then dictates our thoughts and actions and, ultimately, creates the results and reality of our lives. In order for us to change habits that are not working, it’s important to gain awareness around what we're telling ourselves.

I see the process of growth and change as an opportunity to learn about yourself, others and the experience of life. I believe that any sort of coaching or therapy has the potential to be a rich and "game changing" process. .

In the shop section of my site you’ll find my personal jewelry line, KIM EGEL JEWELRY, which aligns with what I preach. I feel that jewelry can help symbolize and hold our desires as we’re working toward manifesting them. I love the natural energies and healing properties that stones possess, therefore I created this line of jewelry to share with you.


In the blog section of my site I share my perspectives in order to provide inspiration for your journey. My hope is for you to find relatability, peace and connection through my writing.

Why Clients Come to Me

  • Life transition issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Personal Growth

  • Desire to gain higher self insight & awareness

  • Desire to connect to your truth

  • Stress & Anxiety Management

  • Depression Management

  • Self esteem issues

  • Creativity blocks

  • Consulting/Guidance for New Coaches

  • Honing/creating your vision

  • Finding Life Balance

  • Strengthening the MIND BODY SOUL Connection


  • M.A., Clinical Psychology, Antioch University, Los Angeles, 2004

  • B.A., Human Development, University California San Diego, 2001